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Our Philosophy

Investments are a changing landscape. Baby-Boomers are retiring, and defined benefit plans are fading, making defined contribution plans more necessary. The burden and risk are shifting from institutions to individuals. People are living longer, and the nest-egg has to last longer. Tax laws have seen dramatic changes in the last few years. And, like it or not, Uncle Sam is one of our heirs.


Our Portfolio Strategies:


We focus on quality of service and a personalized relationship and our clients respond with loyalty.

We offer a consultative process with customized strategies and on-going personal contact.


Our investment focus is on:


  • Capital appreciation seeking growth
  • Capital preservation seeking income


Although portfolio characteristics generally focus on long-term strategies, some portfolios may be designed for short-term gains.


Research and selection of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other asset classes, are done with tax planning in mind.


We monitor and review the client's portfolio constantly, always keeping in mind the client's goals and objectives.


The elections made are evaluated to be consistent with the client's “Statement of Investment Strategy".