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How to Prepare for an Initial Meeting?

Can you arrive totally focused and fully committed?

We certainly will.

To run an efficient meeting, the following is a list of must-brings:

  • If you are married, your spouse is an important part of the plan. He or she has to be with you during the entire initial meeting.
  • Your current investment statements, brokerage/advisory accounts, IRA's, Roth, employer pension / retirement, including 401K, PSP, SEP, etc.
  • All bank statements, money market, credit union, and credit card statements if you carry a balance.
  • All mortgage statements, business-interest, and debt statements.
  • Last year's tax return
  • Your annuities and insurance policies, including term, cash-value life, disability, long-term care, liability umbrella, property & casualty, etc.
  • Your estate documents, including wills, trusts, POA.